Brothers and Sisters Till The End

L3gends Of Time



Welcome to L3gends Of Time,


Here at L3gends Of Time, we have a different outlook on gaming. We enjoy playing and having fun while gaming. However, we DO NOT tolerate cheats, hackers, or glitchers under any circumstances. We also take gaming a little more seriously than others. We use a real life military-style rank structure within the clan itself. Our rank structure is squad based. We use a set of rules and guidelines that EACH AND EVERY member must abide by regardless of in game or in clan rank. We have enforcers who hold special rank specially designed to ensure all rules of the clan are followed. Overall the mission is to have fun.


Of course, losing is not very fun. So, in order to achieve the mission of fun we attempt to win A LOT. Do we lose? Yes, no one can win every game every time. But, we try our best to win every game every time. That being said we have a practice and training process in place that EACH AND EVERY member must go through in order to become L3gends Of Time sanctioned. The goal of our training and recruitment process is to ensure that EVERY member is legit, quality, and able to follow directions. Legit of course means you are not a cheater, hacker, or glitcher.  Every new member is checked against the CBL before approval is granted. As the CBL randomly and constantly keeps a check to ensure we stay legit, the leadership of L3gneds Of Time does the same of its members. Quality does not necessarily mean a kdr of 2.42, 1.34, or anything of that nature. Of course we do like to recruit members with high KDRs, however, if you have a kdr of over 2.0 and cannot follow directions you ARE NOT quality. We would rather have someone with a .50 kdr that can follow directions. Through our training process you will get better.


Thank you for your interest our clan. You can feel free to browse our website and forums. We have a lot to offer you that is if you take gaming more seriously as we do and play fair. We have been a clan for about 6 years now and going on our 7th.  We look forward to seeing you in game.



 lvlyth (co-Leader)

-Charri- (Co-Leader)

Civicmonster (Co-Leader)

-at0ms- (Co-Leader)